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The History of Ygnacio Valley High School

The Ygnacio Valley High School doors opened in 1962 and quickly grew into one of the largest high schools in northern California. With enrollment peaking at 3800 students through the mid 60‛s into the mid 70‛s. The opening of neighboring Northgate high school in 1975 reduced Ygnacio Valleys enrollment by 50%.

Continuing a strong academic curriculum meshed with an outstanding athletic program, the Ygnacio Valley Warriors strive for excellence both in the classroom and on the athletic field of competition.

During the 1988 Presidential Campaign, then Vice President George Bush, made an appearance at YVHS and addressed the Student body. In 1996, YVHS received another presidential visit when president Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore appeared For Netday 96, kicking off a drive to connect California Public Schools to the internet.

Today, Ygnacio Valley High School stands as a beacon of learning and excellence in the community that it serves.

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