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We were honored that so many of our former Hall of Famers joined us for the induction of the

Class of 2024

Dan Fitzgerald and Kiko Garcia

Perry Lange and Doug Swallow

Co-Athletes of the Year 1974

and co-inductees!

Greg Williams and Robin

Heidi Scherer and Kathy Larson - YV Beautification Chairs with Dan Hartwig

 Alan Bell and his wife, Gordon Bell and Keegan Morrison

Jim Grace and Ted Tellian

Dennis Luquet and Patricia Swallow

Michele Maffei McConnell,

Shauna Adkins Bennet and Phil Manoni

Hanf Family -  Stefani, Andy,  Oliver and Mom

Dave Moniz, Andy Hanf, Lou Adamo, and far right Chris Folena

Victor Iglesias, Matt Vaughn and

Coach Lou Adamo

Pam Daily Philips and Robin Mooney

Mike Noce and Dave Maggi

Terry Carlin, Dave Silverera. Jim Grace and Dave Moniz

The Maffei's and Adkins Families

Jim Grace and Mario Balestreiri

Part of the Hanf Family

Jim Grace and Dean Friedli

Ron Thompson and Patricia Swallow

Kent Robie Scholarship Recipients for 2019 and 2023

Shauna Adkins and Aunt and Uncle

Mike Noce, Bob Johnson,

Peter Swallow and John Swallow

Gail Maffei and Shauna Adkins


Steve Walton and Dan Fitzgerald

Lou Adamo's nephew Michael Trebino and his wife Chelsea.

Jim Grace and Mike Noce

The Souza Family - Shauna Adkin's

Aunt and Uncle

A Family Affair - The Hanf's

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