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Ygnacio Valley High School 
Athletic Hall of Fame

The purpose of the Ygnacio Valley High School Athletic Hall of Fame is to honor the athletes, coaches and special individuals that contributed to the athletic program at YVHS.

We've all been waiting....

And the time is finally here

To induct our Class of 2020.....

Now Our Class of 2023

on May 20, 2023


Zio Fraedo's

611 Gregory Lane

Pleasant Hill


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Changes to the Ygnacio Valley Hall of Fame

  • Membership Program - we are designing a membership program that offers you the privilege and opportunity to nominate and vote for an athlete, coach or team to be inducted to the Hall of Fame.  There is a small annual fee that would enable us to coniute scholarships and donations to the sports program at Ygnacio Valley.  More details will be available in the spring.

  • Our Facebook page has changed from public to private.  This was to prevent unwanted postings and scams.  Posting can be done if you join our Facebook page.

  • We are also looking for additional Board Members.  Please consider joining us to continue the work of the Hall of Fame.  We especially need someone to work on our webpage.

Any questions or comments please contact

Jim Grace or

Dan Hartwig

Photos of the Hall of Fame Inductees

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The History of
Ygnacio Valley High School

The Ygnacio Valley High School doors opened in 1962 and quickly grew into one of the largest high schools in northern California. With enrollment peaking at 3800 students through the mid 60‛s into the mid 70‛s. The opening of neighboring Northgate high school in 1975 reduced Ygnacio Valleys enrollment

Continuing a strong academic curriculum meshed with an outstanding athletic program, the Ygnacio Valley Warriors strive for excellence both in the classroom and on the athletic field of competition.

During the 1988 Presidential Campaign, then Vice President George Bush, made an appearance at YVHS and addressed the Student body. In 1996, YVHS received another presidential visit when president Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore appeared For Netday 96, kicking off a drive to connect California Public Schools to the internet.

Today, Ygnacio Valley High School stands as a beacon of learning and excellence in the community that it serves.

Ygnacio Valley Athletic

Hall of Fame


Class of 2019

Joe Del Bene 1978

Xan Halog 1984

Wes Greenwood Coach

Mike Ivankovich 1987

Doug King 1972

Shawn McGarry 1984

Ron Thompson 1972


Class of 2018

Alan Bell 1968

Craig Johnson 1975

Gary Schneider 1970

Rob Tomlinson 1986

Shanita Bryant Williams 2000

Dave Zawatson 1984

Gino Barsuglia Swim Coach

1971 Football Team

Rory Bannatyne 1973

Dean Barbieri 1973

Hank Davis 1972

Dan Delac 1972

Larry Elzinga 1972

Brad Erickson 1972

Ken Evans 1973

Paul Fusco 1972

Tony Garcia 1973

Scott Iverson 1973

John Ledeboer 1973

Dennis Luquet 1973

Kevin Martell 1972

Brian Mc Donald 1972

Craig Mechler 1972

Dave Nelson 1972

Gary North 1973

Blake Pelletier 1973

Bill Piona 1972

Raul Raya 1972

Russ Reiserer 1972

Todd Swick 1973

Brett Teel 1972

Pete Tenney 1972

Ron Thompson 1973

Bob Towne 1973

Tim Walker 1973

Tom Walker 1972

Ed Wallace 1972

Steve Walton 1973

Steve Weber 1972

Kent Wood 1973


Class of 2017

Rolin Luka 1968

Danielle Spier 1984

Mike Sullivan 1970

Dan Hartwig 1975

Kelly McCabe 2003

Jim Carter  Coach


1981 Girls Volleyball Team

Julie Bolan Alameda 1983

Debbie Haubine 1982

Danielle Spier 1984

Minet Roach Gunther 1982

Tina Parscal Briggs 1983

Leigh Lewandowski Weinshelbaum  1982

Susan Mackey Frakes 1982

LaRae Tyler McDaniel 1983

Cilinia Prada Bueno  1982

Jeni Magleby Urry 1982

Judy Smith  Coach


1968 Cross Country Team

Bill Hansen 1969

Lorney DeWolf 1970

Jeff Olpin 1969

Kegan Morrison 1969

John Moura 1970

Steve Gallagher 1969

Jerry Maydahl 1969

Gordon Bell 1970

Ray Edman  Coach

Ron Rochefort  Coach


Class of 2016
Dave Tamori 1967
Minet Roach Gunther 1982
Jim Anderson 1968
Rich Martini 1977
Chuck Mcinnis 1984
Bob Burkhart, Coach
Rich Mohr, Coach


1972 Baseball Team 
Kent Robie  Coach
Dennis Luquet 1973
Ron Thompson 1972
Bill Piona  1972
Brad Erickson 1972
Randy Walorinta 1973
Bill Cooley 1973
Martin Phanco 1973
Tony Garcia 1973
Marshall Johnson 1972
Ken Knifsend  1974
Kevin Martell 1973
Gary North 1973
Blake Pelletier 1973
Bob Towne 1973
Todd Swick 1972
Lindy Burgess 1973


Class of 2015
Rick Schaer 1966
Tom Duncan 1967
Dave Cutaia 1968
Lee Blakeney 1980
Tara Flanagan 1981
Michelle Maffei McConnell 1999
Bob Giardina, Coach
Ted Bogios, Coach


Class of 2014
Dan Fitzgerald 1970
Jim Grace, Basketball Coach
Stephanie Hanf Grinstead 1991

Jack "Scooter" Warren 1969
John S. Watson 1974


1987 Boys Basketball Team
Eric Bamberger  1988
Chris Walsh 1987
Chris Roach 1987
Chris Tarantino 1987
Darin Michels 1987
Dan Segura 1987
Eric Wagner 1987
Ike Wardley 1987
Ed Norton  1988
Chuck Collins  1988
George Streeter  1988
Don Povlsen  1987
Bob Cochran  1988
Mick Mclaughlin  1989
Matt Griego, Manager
Jim Grace, Head Coach
Greg Williams, Asst. Coach
John Clark, Ast. Coach


Class of 2013 
Eric Bamberger 1988 
Mike Bellotti 1969 
Kiko Garcia 1970
Gordon Gravelle 1967 
Kristin Heaston 1993 
Kent Robie, Coach
Dick Ryan, Coach
Chris Walsh 1987

Hall of Famers
Past Inductees

Ygnacio Valley Hall of Fame Committee

Lou Adamo                 Mario Balestrieri           Debbie Carlin

Patty Cochran             Jim Grace                       Dan Hartwig

Dennis Luquet           Dave Moniz                    Bill Piona

                                      Mike Roach            

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Jim Grace, HOF President  \  Tel: 925-683-8007

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